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I advertised myself as a qualified medical insurance consultant and established my medical finance agency, Mc Consultant, in 2019. I am open to receiving calls from residential and commercial customers in South San Francisco, CA, and I have more than 14 years of experience to offer in the area of expertise. I want to be on the side of my customers and offer them factual assistance with various medical issues. I know it is difficult to deal with such documentation and situations, and I wish to assist!


Medicare Agent

Medicare Agent


I Have the Knowledge You Need

I possess the knowledge I have gained and refined over the years of providing a medical finance service, and I want my customers to benefit from everything I know. I do not wish for anyone to deal with any medical issues on their own because I have been through enough to know just how difficult it all is. I want my experience to be helpful in such matters and will gladly take on a new client in a heartbeat!


I’ll Manage The Paperwork

Any paperwork – any assistance with medical procedures, and whatever else related to medical matters – please – turn to me! I have been studying different facts, legal specifications, and everything else to be valuable to my customers. If you wish to work with a professional medical finance agency – do not hesitate to dial my number now and consult me on anything!


Call Mc Consultant at (415) 825-6638 and request a medical finance service If you live in and around the South San Francisco, CA area – turn to me for help. That is why I am here – to cater to you!

Services List

  • Medical Financial Assistance
  • Medical Insurance Assistance
  • Credit Posting Assistance
  • Patients Contact
  • Bills and Insurance Concerns
  • Specific Surgery Authorizations
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